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k i d s .

really loving our city
little one
When I lived in Japan, my mom used to be a language teacher to Japanese students that wanted to learn English. This is Yuki, who we have now known for over ten years, visiting LA. My mom has been her teacher since she was eleven up until leaving Japan 7 years later. She’s now 22 and so kawaii! 

I miss Japan. Lotz. (tear)
Valentines attire.
Goin’ on a date.
My abouttoblink photo
At the Che 4ever.

Just made some chopped potatoes with mushrooms, tofu, soyrizo, seasoned with garlic, tapatio, sriracha, and lots of black pepper. And a tortilla.

Okay seriously, cooking is fun.


Seriously thinking about turning my hair blonde right now.

Killing time with more clothez after already having spent time with clothes at work.
Called out of work. 

So now I am recording KIDS. demos with Matt, with an annoying eye infection. And also playing with my hair, or lack there of. Short hair is hard to manipulate.
I get to wear it first! XMASX <3
new stuff

So this weekend was cool. I enjoyed my three days off work with KIDS. plus Trenty-poo, Kelsi, and Maddie! We went to LA and stuff, ate food, explored, slept, drove, played shows and stuff. And met some neat people along the way. 

Now I’m back to my same ol’ routine, except now I don’t know what to do with my days off now that I’m on holiday break. So let’s hang out! 

choir geek

Ending Christmas early by layin’ in bed, listening to the new Les Mis soundtrack on repeat forever. I’m so happy to have been a part of the MCHS Les Mis production almost 4 years ago. And I miss choir. I just want to sing all night!