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One of four of the babiez that will be living with us for a bit. Meet the lovely Pandora!
Teaching Alex Goodwin how to tilt his head in photos.
  • Rode the AMTRAK for the first time with Bear. It’s like riding an airplane that never leaves the ground! Super fun.
  • Ran out of gas on the freeway in the rain.
  • Went to Disneyland.
  • Went on a date with myself to Yogurtland and Barnes & Noble.
  • Recorded new KIDS songs!
FAWM 2012

It’s February Album Writing Month and we’re a few days in, but you’re never too late to write 14 songs for the remaining 23 days to go! Make a profile, make music, and have a wonderful and successful february!


I’m gonna start a better tumblr documentation of my everyday life, to make my boring life appear more interesting. Because it sounds fun right now. 

It’s a beautiful day today, and a beautiful time for a bath right now.  

Che Cafe has been saved!
  • I can’t breathe.
  • My voice is gone.
  • I can’t go 2 minutes without coughing.
  • My body hurts.
Mom gave me cozy kitten socks for Christmas! 
It was difficult to eat here. 
3-DAY LATE TOUR RECAP.So the only thing I really remember is spending tons of money on food. The guys with their mexican food… me with my pancakes and froyo. Wait everything I just said is a lie. I also remember quite clearly, driving the entire little trip back and forth to LA, to Santa Barbara, back to LA, back home… and of course I can’t forget aimlessly driving around for a place to eat or a decent late-night coffee shop that offers soy milk. These places are impossible to find in a college town during the holidays!And the thing I remember most of all is playing two great, unforgettable shows with my band KIDS, at the Biko house and The Smell. The crowds were really attentive and eager to dance around to our music which made us feel all warm and fuzzy with love and accomplishment. The reaction we got from everyone at The Smell is something we will never forget, as we all can agree that was one kick-ass show spent with a bunch of kick-ass friends, new & old. So thank you Santa Barbara, thank you Los Angeles, thank you friends, and thank you to Bill and Jared for providing us beds and showers! Have a great weekend everyone! 
We are all back home and tucked in our own comfy beds after a short Kids tour, which seemed like ages. I AM SO TIRED. I DROVE THE ENTIRE WAY, ALL THE TIME. I’m good. This weekend was so fun, I can’t wait to do it again next spring!Goodnight!